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Announcing the New Engine Yard Kontainers

At Engine Yard we are on a continuous journey to provide you with tools to minimize your operational burden, moving you towards friction free NoOps application deployments. Today we are pleased to share an exciting new capability which was one of the top asks from our Ruby community. Yes, we are talking about support for containers in Engine Yard.

Before we get into Engine Yard Kontainers let’s start with defining what we mean by NoOps. As cloud based applications are becoming more prevalent a new focus is emerging on reducing the operational burden for developers so that they can manage application deployment to the cloud with minimal operational support.   A DevOps focus on collaboration is evolving into a NoOps focus on automation.  Our vision with Engine Yard Kontainers is to empower developers to deploy applications to the cloud in minutes instead of days taking advantage of the automation and intelligence built into the platform.

So how do containers help with the transition to NoOps? Containers are at the forefront of the move towards NoOps because they free up developers from managing infrastructure reducing the operational burden associated with building and deploying applications.  They minimize application conflicts between different environments and improve portability and team collaboration.

If you are considering deploying containerized applications, Engine Yard Kontainers is here to help you with new capabilities that automate undifferentiated mundane tasks and provide the intelligence and insights to automatically monitor and scale applications as per business requirements.  These new features will dramatically boost productivity and optimize costs associated with deploying and managing applications.  In fact, we believe that Engine Yard Kontainers is our biggest release yet and will transform the way you deploy and manage applications with its simplicity.

  • We have rebuilt our platform using containerization technologies so that you do not require any infrastructure knowledge (no chef recipes, no deploy hooks) to deploy and manage apps on our platform.
  • We have reduced the time it takes to deploy new apps from days to minutes with a simple GIT push deployment using our powerful CLI.
  • Our platform can now scale automatically without any manual work required. Scale  vertically and horizontally based on business requirements such as seasonality or peak usage times or define custom application requirements as needed.
  • We are setting the foundation for application performance monitoring in the future with our new log aggregation capabilities which make it easier to understand how the application behaves.
  • Worried about how to migrate your application to containers?  We make it simple with predefined templates, detailed documentation and our rockstar services team so that you can easily containerize your applications without changing the code.
  • Engine Yard Kontainers lets you run any version of Ruby on Rails.  Just ask us, we’ll run it! Period!
Sounds interesting?
Register now for the virtual release event to learn more about this exciting new release and find out how to get early access to the product and give us feedback. In this event you will learn about the exciting new capabilities in Engine Yard Kontainers which can help you to migrate your applications to containers.  The presenter will be our CEO Rahul Subramaniam, who will share the new capabilities in Engine Yard Kontainers.  You will also hear from one of our customers who has been using this product for the last year as well as representatives from AWS.  Also, if you would like to try the Engine Yard Kontainers preview version for free you can register here. So don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about this new product, ask questions, and provide early feedback to our leadership team.  We are looking forward to hosting you at the Engine Yard Kontainers virtual event.

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