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ScaleArc is a database load balancing software that provides continuous availability at high performance levels.

ScaleArc is a database load balancing software that inserts transparently between your apps and your databases to keep applications working seamlessly despite interruptions and switchovers. Thanks to deep integration with Microsoft SQL Server™ AlwaysOn technology and MySQL™ automatic failover, it maintains continuous availability for applications despite database failover and delivers high performance.

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Ensure zero downtime

Ensure zero downtime during database maintenance, and reduce risk of unplanned outages by automating failover processes and intelligently redirecting traffic to database replicas.

Automated database failover

ScaleArc monitors your servers automatically migrating client connections from a failed database node to a healthy node in the cluster. This architecture dramatically reduces app errors and prevents apps from hanging.

Surge Queuing

ScaleArc reduces application errors by throttling and queuing load in case of increasing replication lag during crashes or failover, preventing service outages. ScaleArc's surge queue effectively limits the load with no change in query order.

Read Write Split

ScaleArc's read/write functionality boosts performance for read-heavy applications. Without any application modification, ScaleArc immediately recognizes which queries are reads and which are writes and transparently directs reads to the secondary and writes to the primary.

Improve application performance

Dramatically improve application performance with Scalearc’s connection pooling, query caching and intelligent routing for faster database queries

Connection pooling and multiplexing

ScaleArc saves time with its connection pooling and multiplexing. Instead of connections sitting idle, ScaleArc delivers only those connections that are necessary for active concurrent queries and multiplexes the rest to make database access faster.

Transparent in memory query caching

ScaleArc delivers user content 6x to 60x faster by caching responses for simple and frequently-called queries as well as for more complex queries with its memory cache. Additionally, it helps you identify queries for caching.

Query routing

ScaleArc seamlessly handles SQL traffic routing in case of failure. ScaleArc can reduce application errors that result from failovers by routing read only sessions to new servers.

Get real time visibility

ScaleArc real time analytics enable you to rapidly identify problem queries, such as slow, frequent queries. You can also take rapid action on these insights, adding queries to cache or blocking them.

Realtime analytics

ScaleArc's comprehensive, real-time analytics easily identify problematic queries or frequent queries for caching, performance troubleshooting, and to assess the impact of sql queries with SQL analytics. Features include break down of query traffic, bucketing and analyzing queries and searching logs.

With ScaleArc, you increase operational efficiencies and speed up troubleshooting, using an aggregate, centralized view of your ScaleArc traffic running across multiple database servers in near real-time. ScaleArc eliminates the need to connect logs for each database, application, and server.

ScaleArc provides the ability to quickly go back in time, retrieve historical data, and get the insight you need for faster problem identification and resolution like a flight recorder or "black box”.



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Case Studies

Nasdaq Case Study

Nasdaq Case Study

ScaleArc solution enables Nasdaq to migrate thousands of databases and applications without delays or downtime.

Mouser Case Study

Mouser Case Study

Learn how ScaleArc ensured Mouser’s eCommerce website serves global customers 24x7 and with zero downtime maintenance.

BookMyShow Case Study

BookMyShow Case Study

Learn how ScaleArc provided an immediate boost to BookMyShow’s database capacity, allowing the company to handle bursts in traffic.

HomeCEU Case Study

HomeCEU Case Study

Learn how ScaleArc ensured HomeCEU's LMS application could deliver increased service volumes without experiencing any degradation in performance.



Services to Support Your Success

Support Services

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the Customer Support Program. The program offers three service tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Standard. To learn more contact us.

Consulting and Managed Services

Maximize the return on your investment with ScaleArc Consulting Services. From advisory and process consulting, through implementation and support, our team of industry experts will ensure you get superior value from your technology investment.




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All your queries, answered

Product Capabilities

We can support MS SQL 2005 to 2017. It is likely to works with 2019 as well and its support is coming soon.

Currently there is no support for Oracle, but we can help customers migrate from Oracle and move them to a supported DB version.

Yes, we can support applications heavy on SPs. In fact, we believe we can make them faster.

Yes. AWS and Azure are supported clouds. We can provide AMI's to launch ScaleArc in the cloud.


Yes, ScaleArc has a robust API. In fact, the entire control console leverages the same APIs to control clusters.

It does. We have some established best practices using Splunk.

Yes, we can integrate with LDAP/AD for authentication.

Best Practices

We size ScaleArc on CPU Cores of the DB cluster.

Yes. Currently it is ready in non-GA state, but we can work with you to ensure we understand your requirements.


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