A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

        • DEVSPACES

          DevSpaces is a cloud-based, dockerized development environment that you can get up and running in minutes.

        • CLOUDFIX

          A cloud cost optimization service that automatically scans your AWS account to identify cost savings opportunities and implements user-approved fixes.

        • ENGINE YARD

          A NoOps PaaS for deploying and managing applications on AWS backed with a world-class support offering.

        • CODEFIX

          A highly scalable, automated code cleanup service that finds and fixes issues automatically so that you can focus on developing
          new features.

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Use Graviton DevSpaces to check if your application runs on ARM

High-Performance, Standardized Dev Environments In Seconds

DevSpaces offers cloud-based dev environments that you can get up and running in seconds. With DevSpaces, you no longer need to spend hours setting up dev environments.

Fresh, clean, consistent dev environments every time

High-performance with memory that can expand up to 100s of GBs

Unlimited hours & unlimited parallel workspaces

Code anywhere with browser based VS Code IDE

We have helped thousands of dev teams over the last decade

Quickly set up a powerful development environment

With DevSpaces, you don’t have to spend days setting up complex dev environments. Your high-performance, standardized, clean environment in the cloud will be ready in seconds.

Use predefined setups or create from scratch

Get started quickly with predefined setups for all major programming languages including Python, Java, C++, Ruby and .NET. You can also create DevSpaces from scratch using configuration files. DevSpaces helps you create standardized dev environments so new developers can be productive right away.

One click launch from GitHub

With DevSpaces browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, FireFox and Safari, anyone on your team can launch DevSpaces within seconds from your repo on GitHub. Click to launch in seconds – it’s that simple.

Enjoy the power of cloud dev environment

DevSpaces cloud dev environments are way more powerful than you can ever dream of in your desktop dev environments. DevSpaces memory can scale to hundreds of GBs and network connection is orders of magnitude faster. You get all this while keeping the same VS Code experience that you love.

Easily share & collaborate with team members

Share your standardized dev environments with your team. Collaborate live with anyone with just one click.

Setup DevSpaces for your team

Configure your DevSpaces once and share it with your team so that everyone can always open clean, consistent, high-performance dev environments from your git repo. Start coding in seconds.

Clean, consistent dev environments for the entire team

Your entire team can launch DevSpaces with one click from your git repo to get clean, consistent dev environments every time. No more wasting time on setting up dev environments.

Collaborate with live sharing

Share your running workspace with anyone for real time collaboration. One click sharing via URLs helps you collaborate and live code remotely with your team members.

Scalable dev environments without resource constraints

DevSpaces environments are scalable and are backed by high-performance cloud resources.

Scalable memory and super fast network

Your workspace can expand memory to meet demands of your dev environments. Scaling up and down is seamless and automatic. DevSpaces runs on a super fast AWS network.

Unlimited parallel workspaces

Get more done with unlimited parallel workspaces. Unlike on your desktop, you get more than one workspace to be more productive.

Extendable inactivity timeout

Got long running tasks that need to run while you are away from your workspace? Extend your workspace timeout to keep going without disruption.


DevSpacesDevSpaces Private Cluster
cluster/month + $49/OCU/month
Workspace hours
Parallel workspaces
Security & isolation of a private cluster
Optimized Container Unit (OCU) = a container that uses 1 GB of RAM and proportionate CPU

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