• 103,123 issues fixed

  • 624 happy clients

  • 7,932,580 lines of code scanned


CodeFix is a code cleanup service that identifies issues in the code and delivers high-quality fixes.

CodeFix helps you manage technical debt at scale. The powerful CodeFix engine automatically processes large repositories of code and identifies code quality issues using deep and differentiated analysis and insights. CodeFix also delivers high quality fixes for common issues based on proven coding best practices.

CodeFIX is your personal garbage collector silently cleaning up technical debt while you develop new features.


Fire and forget

CodeFix clears up your technical debt on autopilot, quietly in the background. All you have to do is activate your repositories in CodeFix and sit back.

Get valuable and differentiated insights

CodeFix is powered by CodeGraph. Unlike static analysis tools, CodeGraph represents your source code structure in a graph database. CodeGraph models rich information, such as code structure, flow, and dependencies, to efficiently detect code quality issues.

Save verification time

Our proprietary pattern identification engine ensures a really low false-positive match. You don’t have to waste your time verifying identified technical debt issues.

Integrate data

You can easily integrate data from third-party code analysis tools with CodeFix.

Get high-quality fixes

CodeFix doesn't just identify issues. It delivers high-quality fixes for important code quality issues, such as coding rule violations and anti-patterns. Even your legacy code gets tuned for coding best practices.

Ensure quality, maintainability, and readability

CodeFix delivers a curated list of high-quality, critical fixes based on proven coding best practices. Issues fixed by CodeFIX are broadly related to quality, maintainability, and readability.

Get mergeable pull requests

CodeFix sends mergeable pull requests directly to your GitHub account. You get detailed information for each fix so that you can accept or reject it as appropriate.

Make progress everyday

With CodeFix, you will not put off code clean-up as something to fix down the line. You will be able to make progress everyday.

Visualize your technical debt

See what sort of impact technical debt has on your code today and how the overall quality improves over time.

CodeFix is designed for scale

CodeFix is designed for large-scale code processing. It can work across multiple repositories, processing millions of lines of code daily to identify and fix issues behind the scenes.

Get a highly scalable environment

You can add any number of repositories, select branches, and specify issues to check.

CodeFix supports all of the top coding languages - Java, JavaScript, C#, and Python.

For efficient tracking, CodeFix automatically creates Jira tickets for all issues that are identified and resolved. You get a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Don't accumulate technical debt.Use CodeFix to keep your codebase clean and efficient.



Learn from the best


No matter what size your team is, everyone gets the full power of all the CodeFix features.

Clear upfront pricing

No matter what size your team is, everyone gets the full power of all the CodeFix features.



All your queries, answered

At the moment, CodeFix is free for everyone. Sign up today, and start getting rid of your technical debt right away!

At the moment, CodeFix analyzes GitHub repositories. In the future we will be adding additional version control systems, such as Bitbucket.

Obviously, code security is a top priority for us. We use unique SSH key pair per project and ciphering of every third party service token, SSH keys and sensitive information.

At the moment, CodeFix fixes 100 bugs a month. In the future, the number will depend on the subscription package that you choose.

It’s simple, really. Once you have access to CodeFix, just sign in with your GitHub account. Add the repositories you want to analyze, and let CodeFix do the rest!