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A Merger to expand Horizons: Ignite ScaleArc Solutions, Inc. is merging into DevFactory

At DevFactory, we are obsessed with innovating across the software development life cycle. Today we are delighted to announce that we are merging Ignite ScaleArc Solutions, Inc. into DevFactory. Both DevFactory and Ignite Technologies are operating companies of ESW Capital which has been immersed in business and enterprise software and services since 1988.  Our mission is to buy, strengthen, and grow business software companies.


ScaleArc is the leader in database load balancing that provides continuous availability at high-performance levels for mission-critical database systems deployed at scale. ScaleArc’s capabilities power large-scale, transaction-based systems for a wide range of customers across industries including ADP, Nasdaq, Zillow, and the State of Nevada.


DevFactory is focused on building software development tools. Including ScaleArc is a strategic decision that will elevate investment and innovation in ScaleArc and provide even more value to customers.  ScaleArc will also be included as a lead product within our new DevGraph suite, an integrated set of tools for software development organizations that drives improved productivity and software quality. 

“ScaleArc is the perfect complement to the DevGraph portfolio of products for managing software development and deployment.  It will enable organizations to harness the full power of databases for optimum performance and operational simplicity while unlocking massive cost savings.”

-Rahul Subramaniam, CEO Of DevFactory


We are also very excited to announce that Ignite customers will continue to be able to access ScaleArc as part of the Ignite Prime portfolio.  In addition, they will get a lot more value with their investment with DevFactory’s investments and accelerated innovation in the domain of software development and deployment.

“I am excited with the movement of ScaleArc to ESW’s DevFactory portfolio,  With DevFactory’s accelerated ScaleArc innovation, all  Ignite customers via Ignite’s Prime program will be able to take advantage of the new advanced load balancing capabilities for managing databases.”

– Davin Cushman, CEO of Ignite Technologies 


ScaleArc enables organizations to efficiently manage their databases with an agile data tier that simplifies and streamlines database operations.  It ensures zero downtime, improved application performance, and real-time visibility for application environments, whether on-premise or in the cloud. 

  • Zero downtime: ScaleArc ensures zero downtime during database maintenance, and reduces the risk of unplanned outages by automating failover processes and intelligently redirecting traffic to database replicas.
  • Improved application performance: ScaleArc dramatically improves application performance, availability and scalability with its connection pooling, query caching and intelligent routing all without any application changes.
  • Real time visibility: ScaleArc’s real time analytics enable you to rapidly identify problem queries, such as slow, frequent queries. You can also take rapid action on these insights, adding queries to cache or blocking them.

ScaleArc enables 2x faster app rollout along with millions of dollars in incremental revenue and cost savings from avoiding downtime, improved website performance and reduced development time.  

“The checking of stock prices at the end of the trading day is a perfect candidate for caching. Using ScaleArc’s caching capability, we were able to see a steep drop off in traffic directly hitting our database servers. The beauty is that we didn’t have to make any code changes to benefit from this boost in application performance.” 

-Prasad Parvathaneni, Team Lead, DBAs at Nasdaq


Databases are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the scale and reduced costs.  However, the tight coupling between databases and applications makes this a challenge requiring extensive code changes to applications every time we make changes to the underlying data storage.  Our vision for ScaleArc is to make it the control plane for all databases that decouples an application from its data store enabling operational simplicity and unlocking massive savings.  This ability to abstract applications and databases will enable a number of additional use cases in addition to the traditional load balancing that ScaleArc provides.

  • Three tier architectures where we can easily scale applications and databases, as readily as we scale web servers and app servers using ScaleArc as the mechanism for separation. Databases today are tightly coupled with the app.  Just like the HTTP protocol decoupled the web server and the app server, allowing each to scale and operate independently of each other, ScaleArc decouples databases from the app allowing them to be managed independently. 
  • Seamless cloud migrations where you switch reads to the cloud server and can switch writes whenever you are comfortable with the deployment using the ScaleArc console.
  • Consolidation of thousands of schemas on cloud databases to get 10x the performance at a tenth of the price.  With ScaleArc you get dedicated connection pools, built in dedicated users and permissions per schema and out of the box monitoring and insights.
  • Scale up to 500K Transactions per second with cloud scale leveraging ScaleArc to migrate to larger instance sizes or to seamlessly use read replicas at scale.  

“Having apps and databases abstracted from each other enabled us to migrate our infrastructure without bringing down any services. It gave us zero downtime.”  

–Prasad Parvathaneni, Team Lead, DBAs at Nasdaq

If you are managing database environments, then ScaleArc is a must have for you.  To find out more download our whitepaper  and read our blog on Zero Downtime Database Migration to the Cloud.


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