A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

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          DevSpaces is a cloud-based, dockerized development environment that you can get up and running in minutes.

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          A cloud cost optimization service that automatically scans your AWS account to identify cost savings opportunities and implements user-approved fixes.

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          A NoOps PaaS for deploying and managing applications on AWS backed with a world-class support offering.

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          A highly scalable, automated code cleanup service that finds and fixes issues automatically so that you can focus on developing
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CloudFix: Fix Your AWS Costs

AWS is incredibly popular with companies of all sizes.  One of the big reasons is the cost savings realized from moving your infrastructure to the cloud.  However, it is well documented that most companies provision more infrastructure than they need and overspend on cloud resources.  According to a report by Gartner, cloud waste is forecasted to reach $21 billion by 2021.  The bulk of this spend is on idle or oversized infrastructure, thus fortunately it can be optimized with the right tools and processes.

Today, we are excited to announce CloudFix, an AWS Cost Optimization software from DevGraph.  CloudFix regularly scans your AWS account(s) to find cost savings opportunities and deploys fixes at scale resulting in instant cost savings. You control which recommendations are applied. Best of all, it’s safe, secure, and entirely automated.

How It All Began

The reality is that most companies are overspending on AWS infrastructure.  It is not unusual to find a double-figure percentage being spent on idle or underutilized infrastructure. AWS pricing is complex, can be overwhelming, and difficult to understand.   Also, identifying resources to optimize without disruption to the rest of the infrastructure is very difficult. Most companies don’t have the appropriate tools, policies, and governance in place to continuously monitor and optimize AWS usage.

Our journey to the cloud was no different.  We struggled with AWS resource utilization issues as well.  At DevFactory, we manage over 40K+ AWS accounts with millions of dollars in spending.  We tried several different tools but found one common problem.  The tools told us what was wrong with our resource utilization, but did nothing to tell us how to remedy the situation.  It was like a doctor telling you that you have an ailment, but not prescribing the course of treatment.  Another issue we faced was trying to apply manual fixes consistently and predictably.  That’s when we decided to build our own service called CloudFix.

How CloudFix Works

CloudFix offers three core capabilities driven by a customizable closed-loop workflow:

  • A vast library of sophisticated finders with a rich data structure.  These identify cost savings opportunities within your AWS account(s).
  • Automated fixers are triggered by the workflow which optimizes your AWS account with a single click, resulting in immediate savings.  Most fixes are automated and require no downtime.
  • The entire process is managed from your CloudFix dashboard and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  The dashboard enforces accountability and tracks real savings.   It also offers complete audit capabilities for every action performed.

CloudFix is built to scale.  Today, on every million dollars of annual spend on our accounts, we recapture about $10,000 of annualized savings per week.  This translates into a 52% cost reduction on an annual basis.  And we spend a lot more than a million dollars as you may have guessed.  Our processes are entirely workflow-driven and automated and work predictably and repeatedly every single week.  Our finders and fixers are reliable and proven and have been refined over time.  We have extensively tested this solution internally before taking it to customers.

Steps to connect your AWS account with CloudFix.

Our Offer For Customers

We believe strongly in the value that CloudFix offers.  That’s why for a limited time only, we are offering the service for free up to $100,000 in cost savings.  This means that if you save less than $100,000 using our service, you pay us nothing.  So if you would like to reduce your infrastructure costs in a predictable, repeatable manner, learn more about CloudFix here.  Ready to start putting savings in the bank?  Try CloudFix NOW!


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