DevCoach is a developer coaching platform that drives improvements in developer productivity and code quality.

DevCoach provides highly accurate data-driven insights and coaching by modeling and improving repetitive patterns of developer behavior that cause defects. We have tested DevCoach across 4000+ developers and over 600M lines of code. DevCoach can dramatically improve your team’s productivity while also maintaining code quality.

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Use DevCoach to drive lasting improvements to your development team’s productivity and code quality.



We put YOU first

DevCoach is designed with a developer-first mindset. We focus on improving repetitive developer behaviours, driving lasting improvements in quality.

Our approach delivers reliable results

We use a curated list of sensors that refine data from code analysis tools like Sonar, CAST, Checkmarx, Infer, and DevFactory’s CodeGraph as input to create the behaviour model. This approach results in a very low false positive rate.

Use our behavior model for source correction

DevCoach attributes sensor data to each developer that created the code and feeds it into a behaviour model. Developers, team managers, and organization leadership can use the output of the behaviour model to improve code quality.

Our insight is absolutely trust-worthy

We look beyond the latest commit to an entire history or pattern of behavior. That’s why our insights are accurate and can be trusted.

DevCoach uses a sophisticated attribution model

Our unique attribution model distinguishes between issue propagation and issue creation. Foundations of DevCoach attribution 1) Clean Code - When new code is added or changes are made to pristine code; 2) Decay - When code is added or changes are made to tainted parts of the code, which propagates the issue and causes further decay; and 3) Arson – When issues are introduced to pristine code, which is value destruction.

DevCoach uses a deep forensic analysis of commit history

DevCoach looks beyond the latest commit and uses a deep forensic analysis of commit history to understand any associated value erosion. It starts with the first commit (or the earliest as deemed fit) and goes through each commit to understand the erosion (Decay or Arson) for every commit. This enables highly accurate behavior models based on patterns of behavior over time.

Our coaching works

We provide a proven model for behavior modification that drives targeted measurable improvements through data-driven insights and coaching.

Compare developer and team performances

Developers get a view of their own performance and can compare it with their team’s performance. They also get self-service coaching to improve their code quality.

DevCoach recommends manager coaching to supplement self-coaching; managers need to spend just 15 minutes over 15 weeks. Managers get a rolling 13-week view of their developers’ progress to ensure that the behavior change is actually taking place. Both low performers and the average code quality can improve over time in this way.

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DevCoach Integrations

Integrate easily with tools like GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket


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    All your queries, answered

    No. DevCoach creates a behavior model only from signals from the code (and commits).

    The minimum that you need to provide is access to your source control with the entire version history. GitHub is supported today with other git-based SCMs to come soon. Other non-git SCMs will follow.

    Yes, DevCoach is a SaaS-only product that is hosted on AWS.

    No. DevCoach is a behaviour modeling tool. DevCoach uses signals from code analysis tools, like Sonar, CAST, Checkmarx, Infer, and DevFactory’s CodeGraph, as an input to create the behaviour model. We are adding support for new tools all the time to get new signals.