A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

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Enable Zero Downtime Maintenance

Do you spend a lot of time negotiating maintenance windows?  Are you dealing with frequent complaints from users about application errors?  ScaleArc acts as an agile tier that connects your application and database without requiring any code changes to either.  It can enable you to conduct online database maintenance without any downtime and smoothly manage service outages.

We have helped thousands of software development teams over the last decade

Why Customers Choose ScaleArc

Application aware

ScaleArc is a layer 7 load balancer meaning that it operates at the application layer and not the network layer and can actually load balance based on the actual content of the data. This enables it to direct database traffic based on the actual content of the and provides sophisticated capabilities such as read/write split, connection pooling and caching.

Zero downtime

Database administrators are often asked to reduce downtime. Current out of the box solutions like MS-SQL server always on availability groups (AAG)) don’t work because they can still cause transient outages and cascading errors requiring downtime. This makes the connected applications also show errors. Only ScaleArc enables true zero downtime without any disruption or code changes..

Deep insights

Database administrators have to understand how their tables are performing and utilized. This helps maintain databases and optimize schemas saving money. Observing logs and profiling for all nodes of the cluster is cumbersome. ScaleArc’s consolidated analytics enable database admins to really understand how databases are performing and optimize the deployment.

Top Features

ScaleArc acts as a buffer that is used to retain database connection so that when there is a primary replica outage connected applications don’t show errors.

ScaleArc automatically detects SQL server failures and fails over to the read replica when the primary goes down ensuring zero downtime.

ScaleArc automatically monitors the health of read replicas and triggers alerts when the replica is falling behind in performance.

ScaleArc serves as a single database endpoint for applications to connect to databases. Applications do not need to be aware of the database topology.

Prasad Parvathaneni

Team Lead

“Having apps and databases abstracted from each other enabled us to migrate our infrastructure without bringing down any services. It gave us zero downtime.“

Mark Price

Director of Internet Operations and Architecture

“When we sustained a sudden hardware failure, which caused a hard shut down of our primary SQL Server node without warning, ScaleArc instantly load balanced the reads to the remaining servers and buffered the write requests while the SQL cluster passed Primary to another node. The recovery was fully automatic – there was no outage, no dropped sessions, and no tangible customer impact. Impressive.”

Case Study

See how ScaleArc helped Nasdaq boost application performance without making any code changes with its caching capability.

Find out how ScaleArc can improve revenues and user satisfaction as well as reduce database costs.

Book a 30-minute consultation with our expert.

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