DevGraph Customer Support Programs

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Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the DevGraph Customer Support Programs, which we offer at Standard, Gold and Platinum service levels. DevGraph’s Platinum Support Program is the preferred option for our most active and demanding customers, as it contains the widest array of services and the highest prioritization for critical issue resolution. With Platinum, you’ll receive industry-leading support from experts in DevGraph’s support, services and engineering teams to ensure you get the most out of your DevGraph solutions, as well as have access to global, always-on support for your most mission-critical solutions.

Exclusive Benefits

24×7, Always-On

Experience confidence knowing that DevGraph technical experts are only a phone call away when you need them most. DevGraph support services staff are available for you all day, every day.

Highest Priority

Receive highest-level priority on all support requests such that your issues are triaged with priority over those of non-Platinum customers. For severity one issues, enjoy less than 60-minute response from a product expert through DevGraph’s support portal and real-time, immediate routing of your issue via phone.

Unlimited Support Access

Leverage unlimited support ticket counts for opening as many issues and asking as many questions as you need to raise each year.

Forever Upgrade

Maintain superior performance, stability and security of your DevGraph solution through immediate access to all Generally Available upgrade releases of the Standard Edition product to which you’re licensed. Upgrades are available during the life of your Support contract carrying you forward for years and years without the requirement of paying new license fees for new versions.

Reduced Professional Services Fees

Enjoy a 15% discount on Professional Services contracted from the breadth of DevGraph’s consulting offerings: from new software implementations, integrations and customizations, to data analysis, model development, and installation assessments, and all the way to managed administration forcustomers who need a fully outsourced model of solution management.



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