A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

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Optimize Database Performance

Is poor database performance impacting your business-critical applications?  ScaleArc can significantly decrease query response time driving upto 60x improvements in response time for read only traffic.  It can also increase overall database throughput and scalability without requiring any code changes to your application.

We have helped thousands of software development teams over the last decade

Why Customers Choose ScaleArc

Read/ write split

The bulk of the traffic that most applications get is read traffic. So most organizations have a primary database cluster for read/write and secondary for read only. Secondary replicas are usually under utilized. Using ScaleArc you can split read/write traffic and balance read traffic to secondary replicas delivering higher application performance.

Memory Cache

Most organizations have a lot of static content that changes infrequently. The majority of database traffic is read traffic that follows certain patterns. ScaleArc's intelligent caching maps these patterns and caches them in memory. This significantly decreases query response time and increases throughput by serving from inbuilt memory cache without connecting with a database server.

Deep insights

Database administrators have to understand how their tables are performing and utilized. This helps maintain databases and optimize schemas saving money. Observing logs and profiling for all nodes of the cluster is cumbersome. ScaleArc’s consolidated analytics enable database admins to really understand how databases are performing and optimize the deployment.

Top Features

ScaleArc directs read traffic to read only replicas and write traffic to the master without requiring any code changes and helps scale overall database capacity.

ScaleArc delivers user content faster by caching responses for simple and frequently-called queries with its memory cache.

ScaleArc efficiently pools live connections to the server to increase response time, by eliminating the overhead of creating and closing new connections.

ScaleArc directs queries to desired database replicas based on host IP addresses, database name, and user. It is used for the efficient processing of application queries.

Carlos Copto

Senior Software Engineer

“ScaleArc was performing better with one server compared to proxy SQL that was running on multiple servers”

Prasad Parvathaneni

Team Lead, DBAs

“The checking of stock prices at the end of the trading day is a perfect candidate for caching. Using ScaleArc’s caching capability, we were able to see a steep drop off in traffic directly hitting our database servers. The beauty is that we didn’t have to make any code changes to benefit from this boost in application performance.”

Case Study

See how ScaleArc helped Nasdaq boost application performance without making any code changes with its caching capability.

Find out how ScaleArc can improve revenues and user satisfaction as well as reduce database costs.

Book a 30-minute consultation.

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