A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

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Easy database migration and scaling

Take the complexity and risk out of DB migrations

Fear that downtime and potential sudden outages will disrupt your customer experience? Scale Arc lets you easily migrate to the cloud with zero downtime and no code changes to your app.

  • Cache queries, faster performance
  • Pool connections for high availability
  • Minimize code changes
  • Surge queuing, no outages
  • Failures/restarts resilient
  • Zero downtime with auto failover
14 day trial. No credit card required.

We have helped thousands of software development teams over the last decade

Boost DB performance and overcome scaling limits

ScaleArc can efficiently and proactively handle spikes in traffic and guarantee a great user experience, 24/7.


Better experience, more revenue

  • ScaleArc optimizes query performance and delivers user content 6x to 60x faster with its memory cache.
  • Caches responses for simple and frequently-called queries, as well as for more complex ones .
  • Also, you get help identifying queries for caching.


Higher availability

  • ScaleArc efficiently pools live connections to the server by eliminating the overhead of creating and closing new connections.
  • It also aggregates multiple client connections into fewer server connections, reducing server connection count and churn.
  • Increases server performance and availability.


Minimize code changes

  • ScaleArc efficiently processes application queries and directs queries to desired database replicas based on host IP addresses, database name, and user.
  • You don’t need to modify applications to increase write capacity.
  • Also routes reporting workloads away from production database servers improving performance.


No repeated auth overhead

  • ScaleArc improves query performance by securely storing usernames and passwords in its secrets store.
  • Enables a continuous pool of connections and eliminates the overhead of repeated authentication.
  • Supports old and new password formats.


Failures/restarts resilient

  • ScaleArc seamlessly handles SQL traffic routing in case of failure by routing queries based on optimum server response time and replication status.
  • Increases uptime, availability and application performance.


Block SQL injection attacks

  • ScaleArc provides last-mile security by blocking select SQL queries before they hit the database and compromise it (or escalate to a denial-of-service attack).
  • Protects sensitive tables against SQL injection attacks.

Zero downtime and risk on failures or maintenance


Zero downtime maintenance

  • ScaleArc automatically detects SQL server failures and automatically fails over to the read replica when the primary goes down.
  • Handles both replication and client connection on database failure.
  • Supports multi-data center topologies with the auto failover framework.


Prevent service outages

  • On peak loads ScaleArc acts as a buffer, retaining the database connection.
  • When there is a primary replica outage or lag, it throttles and queues load to prevent connected applications from erroring out.


Overcome DB scaling limits

  • ScaleArc helps scale database capacity by taking advantage of read replicas.
  • It directs read traffic to read-only replicas and write traffic to the master, without requiring any changes to your application code.
  • Maximizes resource utilization of your existing database servers, and improves database throughput.

Easier database administration and wider visibility


Clear, easy troubleshooting

  • ScaleArc’s comprehensive, real-time analytics easily identify problematic queries or frequent queries for caching, perform troubleshooting, and assess the impact of SQL queries.
  • Analytics include: breakdown of query traffic, bucketing and analyzing queries, and searching logs.
  • Historical charts and logs for 12 months are available.


View your traffic across databases - in real time

  • ScaleArc eliminates the need to connect logs for each database, application, and server and speeds up troubleshooting. You get an aggregated, centralized view of your traffic.
  • Automatically monitors the health of read replicas and triggers alerts when the replica is falling behind in performance.


Easy database administration

  • You get a REST API to manage tasks such as the addition and removal of servers from a cluster, changing the roles of database servers or triggering failovers.
  • Robust automated scripts using these APIs can greatly simplify database administration.
  • Also supports integration with existing monitoring and management tools.
See how ScaleArc can help you manage and scale your infrastructure

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2x faster

App rollout


Downtime maintenance


Website performance


Response time

Our customers are letting ScaleArc manage their databases. They’re getting zero dowtime & high performance 24/7.

Carlos Copto

Senior Software Engineer

“ScaleArc was performing better with one server compared to proxy SQL that was running on multiple servers”

Prasad Parvathaneni

Team Lead, DBAs

“The checking of stock prices at the end of the trading day is a perfect candidate for caching. Using ScaleArc’s caching capability, we were able to see a steep drop off in traffic directly hitting our database servers. The beauty is that we didn’t have to make any code changes to benefit from this boost in application performance.”

Mark Price

Director of Internet Operations and Architecture

“When we sustained a sudden hardware failure, which caused a hard shut down of our primary SQL Server node without warning, ScaleArc instantly load balanced the reads to the remaining servers and buffered the write requests while the SQL cluster passed Primary to another node. The recovery was fully automatic – there was no outage, no dropped sessions, and no tangible customer impact. Impressive.”

Kiran Daris

Director Technical Operations

“When we sustained a sudden hardware failure, which caused a hard shut down of our primary SQL Server node without warning, ScaleArc instantly load balanced the reads to the remaining servers and buffered the write requests while the SQL cluster passed Primary to another node. The recovery was fully automatic – there was no outage, no dropped sessions, and no tangible customer impact. Impressive.”

Case Study

See how ScaleArc helped Nasdaq boost application performance without making any code changes with its caching capability.

Frequently Asked Questions


What versions of SQL Server does it support?

We can support MS SQL 2005 to 2017. It is likely to works with 2019 as well and its support is coming soon.

Does it support Oracle?

Currently there is no support for Oracle, but we can help customers migrate from Oracle and move them to a supported DB version.

Does ScaleArc work with applications heavy on stored procs?

Yes, we can support applications heavy on SPs. In fact, we believe we can make them faster.

Do you support AWS/Azure/GCP and cloud environments?

Yes. AWS and Azure are supported clouds. We can provide AMI's to launch ScaleArc in the cloud.


Does it have an API to control the behavior of the failover?

Yes, ScaleArc has a robust API. In fact, the entire control console leverages the same APIs to control clusters.

Does ScaleArc support log extraction?

It does. We have some established best practices using Splunk.

Does it integrate LDAP/AD for authentication?

Yes, we can integrate with LDAP/AD for authentication.


How do you size the Cores of the cluster?

We size ScaleArc on CPU Cores of the DB cluster.

Can you dockerize ScaleArc?

Yes. Currently it is ready in non-GA state, but we can work with you to ensure we understand your requirements.