A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

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ScaleArc Product Overview

For Improved Availability and Performance

Even with modern databases that offer scalability and automated failover, you need a solution that extends those advantages at the application tier. Database load balancing software enables an agile data tier consistently across your environments, and it inserts transparently between your apps and your databases, with no changes needed to either.  ScaleArc keeps applications working properly and functioning despite interruptions and switchovers at the data tier. And because of the deep integration with Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn technology and MySQL automatic failover, it maintains continuous availability for applications despite database failover and delivers high performance.

Figure 1: The ScaleArc software provides an abstraction layer that shields apps from the database infrastructure.

Enabling Uptime, Performance, and Scale for Your Critical Apps In a Database Environment

Ignite’s ScaleArc solution lets you “upgrade” your apps to be consumer grade – never down, always fast, scale anywhere – with no code changes. Adding our database load balancing software to the data tier has enabled organizations big and small to drive substantial revenue increases and operational cost reductions. For example, we’ve enabled:

  • $188K in savings – from avoiding application downtime during a single database failover
  • $3M in increased revenue, every year – from doubling website performance
  • 2x faster app rollout – from dev time avoided
  • $2M in increased revenue, every year – from avoiding downtime from maintenance windows
  • $320K in savings – from avoiding dev time recoding for database scaling

Multi-database Support

Most organizations run more than one database, so it’s important to enable the agile data tier consistently across your environments. Only Ignite’s ScaleArc solution supports this broad range of SQL database types.

Use Cases and Projects

Ignite’s ScaleArc database load balancing software inserts transparently between your apps and your databases with no changes needed to either. The software deploys in within minutes and enables an agile data tier that:

  • Avoids application downtime, whether planned or unplanned – no more maintenance windows for database patching
  • Delivers instant scalability with no changes to the app or database
  • Enables failover that avoids application disruption

Top Use Cases

  • App Transparent Failover
  • Data Center / Cloud Region Failover

  • Zero Downtime Maintainence

Key Projects

  • Active/Active Data Centers
  • Data Center Mordernization
  • Faster App Performance
  • DB Upgrades (eg SQL Server 2016)
  • Cloud Adoption

Key Features

Ignite’s ScaleArc database load balancing software offers a number of features that work together to improve application availability and performance. Unlike database failover techniques available today, ScaleArc enables failover without application errors, significantly improving application uptime with no code changes.

Availability Features
  • Automated Database Failover
  • Read/Write Split
  • Surge Queuing
  • Replication-aware Load Balancing
  • Connection Pooling and Multiplexing
  • Query Routing
  • Transparent In-memory Query Caching
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Centralized Logging
  • Historical Stats and Forensics Balancing
  • SCOM

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