We Make AWS Easy

The transition to the cloud is difficult. We offer a set of tools to make it easy. Consult with our experts at Cloud City by TelcoDR to find out more.

  • Seamlessly migrate your databases to the cloud and transition to earth scale.
  • Simplify integrations and app development in your IT organization.
  • Simplify optimizing cloud costs and fixing cloud waste.


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We have helped thousands of software development teams over the last decade

Database Migrations Made Easy
Database Migrations to AWS Made Easy

Remember those days when your team was running around with their heads on fire during a maintenance window? ScaleArc database migration seamlessly manages the synchronization and cutover of your database with no service interruptions or maintenance windows. It maintains continuous availability and also transitions your databases to earth scale performance.

Integrations and App Building Made Easy
Integration & App Development for AWS Made Easy

Would you like to easily integrate and develop cloud apps? DevFlows allows you to quickly build applications by stitching together AWS services and SaaS applications in an easy and visual way. It takes care of all deployment decisions and activities, allowing the user to focus on “what the app should do” over “how is the app deployed?”.

AWS Cost Management Made Easy
AWS Cost Management
Made Easy

Are you utilizing your AWS infrastructure adequately? Experts agree that at least 35% of cloud spend is wasted on average, primarily on idle or oversized infrastructure. Cloud Fix is an automated self service AWS cost optimization service. It automatically scans your AWS account and finds and fixes issues to realize immediate cost savings.

Our customers use ScaleArc to smoothly migrate to the cloud and improve both database performance and scalability.

  • Seamlessly migrate to the cloud in the background without disrupting operations.
  • Maintain continuous application availability and performance during database migrations. No application code changes are required, accelerating time to rollout by 2-10x.
  • Gradually dial up the load to the cloud database instead of a one shot cutover which minimizes disruptions.
  • Achieve planet scale query performance and reliability. Customers have improved database performance by 2-1000 X.

Customers use DevFlows to build and integrate applications out of reusable low-code no-ops building blocks.

  • Build a data lake with data from a wide variety of data sources.
  • Automatically execute and complete long-running, multiple ETL jobs.
  • Easily automate recurring tasks such as patch management, infrastructure selection, and data synchronization.
  • Modernize a monolith by carving off a few tasks from the rest of your codebase to minimize the disruption caused by moving to microservices.
  • Combine multiple functions into responsive serverless applications and microservices.

At DevFactory, we realize more than a 50% annualized savings using CloudFix. Best of all, it's free for customers upto a $100K in AWS savings.

  • Setup is completely self service and as easy as one click.
  • It is built to scale and works predictably and repeatedly across thousands of accounts.
  • Fixes are within the user’s control with no performance degradation or downtime.
  • An intuitive dashboard helps you analyze, understand and act on all your savings.