CodeReview is a service that provides quick, high-quality code reviews using intelligent automation and expert insights.

Having an experienced, neutral, third party conduct code reviews improves the quality of the code. Simply give us access to your Git repository and we will review every pull request you submit for review and give you detailed feedback as well as suggestions on how to fix
the issue.

Use CodeReview to keep your codebase robust, consistent, and sustainable with timely, high-quality reviews.



Get the power of intelligent automation

Offload repetitive tasks, such as style checking, linting, or static code analysis, with CodeReview. You will see dramatic improvements in efficiency and quality because CodeReview comes with intelligent machine learning and AI tools.

Get valuable and differentiated insights

CodeReview is powered by CodeGraph, a graph database which enables deeper code analysis than abstract syntax tree (AST) based code representation. It can perform more sophisticated inter-class analysis and catch subtle issues like feature envy..

Get valuable and differentiated insights

Our proprietary pattern identification engine ensures a very low false-positive match and provides highly accurate insights. Our reviewers validate the feedback; you don’t have to waste your time verifying the accuracy of the identified issues.

CodeReview is quick and efficient

A manual code review process delays app delivery. Use our factory-grade, standardized code review service to get highly consistent review feedback in as little as one hour.

CodeReview follows a proven, standardized factory process

All our reviews follow a proven, standardized factory process. All comments and resolutions with links to knowledgebase articles are provided directly within the pull request, and you get alerts once the review is done. Jira tickets are also created automatically.

Use CodeReview for all your codebases

Currently, CodeReview can handle C#, Java, and JavaScript code. We will continue to add support for more languages.

CodeReview provides
expert insights

Our review assembly line uses SMEs with domain expertise, ensuring high-quality feedback on important architectural and design decisions, not just bug fixes.

Get feedback on areas of vulnerability

Our code reviewers are experts in their domain with 10-15 years of experience. They can provide feedback on areas that are not picked up by automated engines, such as architectural design patterns, edge cases, and alternate scenarios.

At DevFactory, we have been developing software for over 2 decades. We employ over 4000 developers and manage codebases—over 600M lines of code—from 140 technology companies. Our assembly line approach is proven to deliver radical cost savings and efficiency to organizations.



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    All your queries, answered

    CodeReview analyzes GitHub repositories. We will be adding additional version control systems, such as Bitbucket, in the future.

    Currently, CodeReview can handle C#, Java, Python and JavaScript code. We will continue to add support for more languages.

    It’s simple, really. Give us access to your Git repository, and we will review every pull request you submit for review and give you detailed feedback as well as suggestions. Our expert reviewers supplement our automated, factory-grade code review process.

    Your code is absolutely secure. Ensuring code security is a top priority for us. We use a unique SSH key pair for each project. Additionally, we cipher all third-party service tokens, SSH keys, and other sensitive information.