ScaleArc: A Look Ahead

By Ravi Duddukuru on 25 MAY 2020 11:20 AM

We are continuing to support and enhance our current solution that allows companies to seamlessly load balance their existing databases and effortlessly scale their solutions as demand necessitates.

We are extremely excited at where the future of ScaleArc lies and that is in the changeover of manually tuning the database for performance and load balancing and shifting that to a predictive mode. Powered by AI and machine learning and leveraging the AWS Cloud. This will allow us to offer the following amazing benefits to our customers:

  • Predictive Downtime Avoidance – We will help our customers shift gears from a defensive and reactive stance to a proactive and predictive position of strength. Harnessing the power of the AWS Cloud infrastructure allows us to transform ScaleArc into an intelligent analytics and insights tool that will identify bottlenecks before they appear and automatically fine tune the database to avoid any downtime or disruptions in service for the connected apps.
  • Predictive Modeling – Accurately predicting the outcome of a SQL query string modification is impossible without the proper lab environment to test the changes. Our goal is to be able to run simulations to predict the performance impact planned changes will have on the database BEFORE implementation. This will save our customers countless man hours and money, avoiding costly missteps and downtime.
  • CrossCheck – We continue to focus on creating an easy to use, low risk solution that will help customers move applications running on Oracle databases to Amazon Postgres. This means a considerable cost savings for customers who have a portion of their database installation on Oracle. For some customers, this may mean millions of dollars in savings.

 Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

  • In 2019 we have ensured the up-to-date underlying base operating system is supported to improve security and reliability of the platform by building CentOS 7.5 version of our platform.
  • We have also been able to improve reliability of the platform by performing intensive stress testing and in-depth code review.

We are currently focused on several areas to help drive value for our customers today and over the long term:

This year we are working on finalizing the development of new DB Support PostgreSQL to enable our customers to extend their HA and Performance improvements to their DBs leveraging that technology.

  • “Sweating the asset” under current license by ensuring that all three core benefits are being captured:
    • Caching -> Speed
    • Failover -> No downtime
    • Load balancing -> Scale
  • Consume the new release with PostgreS capability *
  • Expand usage to PostgreS instances and other MySQL and SQL Server instances not currently load balanced
  • Engage Oracle customers in understanding/reviewing their ‘most complex’ and ‘most expensive’ Oracle DB use cases

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